An organization consists of people interacting collectively to achieve a specific goal. By joining an organization, individual subject themselves to control in order to made their collective effort feasible. The word ‘control” is often preceded by a modifier to specify the underlying control problem, for example inventory control, quality control, financial control, production control and management control.

Control can be expressed in three way:
·        As a system as a managerial function and as a process. System theorists have a described a management control system as a cybernetic “system in which information is obtained from source with the system-feedback and made possible the alteration of the system towards, goal. As a managerial function. Control as a process makes sure that intended results are consistently achieved.

·        Control according to Henry Fayol, consist of very frying whether everything occurs in conformity with plan adopted, the instruction issued and principle established. Perhaps a good definition of control is the process through which managers assure that actual activities confirm to planned activities.

Control method refers to the means of implementing a control system in organizations. The methods can be grouped under the following heading: pre action control, steering control, Yes/No or Screening control and post action control.

Pre action control is also called pre controls ensure the impact plan is made for available of resources before embarking on any action. The time occurs the plans must ensures that the requisite resource will be available.
Steering control or feed forward controls are designed to detect and correct deviation from standard before a particular sequence of action is completed, the use of computer in quantity control is an example of steering control, foremore the success of this system is contingent on availability of timely, accurate and efficient data.

Yes/No control is a screening process that emphasizes on the need for specific aspects of a procedure to be approved before the operation is continued. Yes or No controls are usually more importance and widely used because the provide means of understanding.

Post action control as the name, suggests, measures the results of completed action identifies the causes of deviation from the planned activities and applies finding to similar future activities.


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