This essay embraces an overview of the role of financial accounting to a profit making organization. It has been carefully designed to cover a range of material that is sufficient comprehensive to accommodate various course objectives. The level of coverage in this project work is designed to satisfy the profit making in an organization.

The usefulness of this study cannot be overemphasized because it is useful to the major tasks of planning, control and responsibility reporting in profit making organization.

To do justice to this study and to teach all relevant aspect of the roles of financial accounting in profit making organization, the study is divided into five chapters.

Chapter one

This chapter attempts to present the introduction of the study the historical background of Onward Paper Mill Limited, as well as the provision of financial and users of accounting information, aims and objectives, etc.

Chapter two

Attempts are made towards presenting the literature review of the study i.e presenting knowledge already passed by some authors in a new light, and in such a way as to help realize the aim of the research work.

Chapter three

Attempts to examine the various methods of research i.e sources of data collection, methods of data collection, their advantages and disadvantages, etc.

Chapter four

Attempts to present and analyse the data collected while investigating into the role of financial accounting.

Chapter five

This chapter basically consists of the summary of findings, conclusions and recommendations.


  • Title page
  • Certification
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents


1.0       Introduction

1.1       Historical background of Onward Paper Mill Ltd

1.2       The provision of financial and the user of accounting information

1.3       Aims and objective

1.4       Definition of terms


2.0       Literature review

2.1       The historical development of accounting

2.2       The principle of doubt entry system and recording transaction

2.3       Book keeping or prime entry

            i. Sales day book

            ii. Purchases day book

            iii. Return outward day book

2.4       CASH BOOK

            i. Petty cash book

            ii. Two column cash book

            iii. Three column cash book

            iv. Ledger

2.5       The meaning of Balance sheet

            i. the format of a balance sheet

2.6       Accounting data base system

2.7       The concept of cost

            i. Product costing

            ii. Production flows and cost flow

            iii. Production cost and the income statement

2.8       The concept of cost


3.0       Research methodology

3.1       Introduction

3.2       Population and sample

3.3       Description of instrument used

3.4       Method of data collection

3.5       Problems Encountered on the field


4.0       Data presentation and analysis

4.1       Introduction

4.2       Analysis of respondent

4.3       Test of hypothesis


5.0       Summary of findings, conclusion and recommendations

5.1       Introduction

5.2       Conclusion and summary

5.3       Recommendation





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