Much that education is of utmost importance to the development of both human and the nation, the accountability of income and expenditure of institution that provide such most especially in private sector is of importance too .

The research would highlight the weakness and suggestion as to how the accounting system can be installed and reviewed so that, the management can put in place a reliable internal control system that would see to the effectiveness of the accounting system in order to realize the organizational goal, raising a generation that are well equipped in academics and also to make profit to finance its activity.

This project shall be in various chapters. The opening chapter contains introduction to the concept of accountability, the research question which will be the vocal point. The next chapter shall deal with the literature review which explains in details. It explains accountability, how accountability can be set up in an accounting department, history of accounting, types of accounting system, types of accounting, manner of approach,  key officers in accounting department, internal control system etc. The third chapter should answer the research question in chapter one. It includes questionnaire and interview for authentic data.  The data obtained shall be presented, analyzed and interpreted.

Finally the research would be rounded up with the summary of study, summary of finding, recommendation and conclusion


Title page                                                                                      i

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Abstract                                                                                         v

Table of content                                                                             vi


Chapter 1

1.0       Introduction

1.1.            Purpose of study

1.2.            Relevance of study

1.3.            Statement of hypothesis

1.4.            Scope of hypothesis and limitation

1.5.            Historical background of Jonsog  schools

1.6.            Operational definition of terms


chapter 2

2.0        Literature review

2.1              History of accounting

2.2              Document involved in the accounting operation

2.3              Accounting theory, concept, assumption and convention

2.4              Method of designing account

2.5              Set up of accounting system

2.6              Key officers in an accounting department

2.7              Accountability

2.8       Internal control system



            -drawing and miscellaneous expenses

2.9       Typical final account of a private educational institution

2.10     Brief history of private educational institution

2.11     Types of organizational chart (organogram)

2.12     The chart of account for private educational institution

2.13     Nomenclature, classification and codification

2.14     Sources of finance to a private educational institution

2.15     Risk and uncertainty in a private educational institution

2.16     Strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat in a private educational institution


chapter 3

3.0        Research methodology

3.1              Introduction

3.2              Research population

3.3              Nature and sources of data

3.4              Sampling procedure and administration of data collection instrument

3.5              Data collection instrument

3.6              Analysis of data

3.7              Limitation of methodology



4.0        Data analysis and presentation

4.1              Data presentation

4.2              Finding from interview 

4.3              Hypothesis testing

4.4              Discussion of findings based on tested hypothesis


Chapter 5

5.0        Summary conclusion and recommendation

5.1              Introduction

5.2              Summary of findings

5.3              Summary of study

5.4              Recommendation based on summary of finding

5.5              Recommendation based on summary of study

5.6              Conclusion

5.7              Bibliography

5.8              Appendix 1

5.9              Appendix 11


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