The origin of Cultism in Nigerian tertiary institutions can be traced down to the year 1952, when Wole Soyinka (now a professor),  Oluwamuyiwa Awe, Ralph Opera, Tunji Rubi, Daigh Imokuhede, Pius Oleghe and Olu Agunloye who were students of the University of Ibadan formed a cult group "Pyrates" (now Seadogs confraternity). 
The aim of the cult group then was to fight (though non-violently) against tribalism, elitism and the imposition of foreign conventions. Their activities then were not secretive. Their aims then were to make positive impact on their members and the society. 
Two decades later, in the 1980's, cult activities in schools started degenerating and involved intimidating other students, killing and maiming. They began to have in their possessions guns, axes, cutlasses and every instrument of violence. They began to forcefully initiate students and their initiations were dangerous and sometimes involved blood or oath taking. Their activities became secretive and they became a threat to tertiary institutions as their activities affected students and lectures alike. Most students today join cults because of their quest for power, academic weakness, want to get any girl they want, etc. Now we arrive at the meaning of Cults, cultism and a cultist. 
   Cults are group whose activities are performed secretly. The act of belonging to a cult group is referred to as Cultism. A cultist is a member of a cult group. 
    As a result of the high rate of cultism activities in tertiary institutions, this article is to guide you on particular colors, slangs not to be said, insignia not to be associated with in order not to be on target. 


   As at today, there are over 45 cult groups in Nigeria. Below is a list of popular/top groups in Nigeria:
  1. PYRATES: (now National Association of Seadogs). The cult group was formed by Professor Wole Soyinka and six others (mentioned above) at the University of Ibadan in 1952. They are identified with red, black and yellow colors. 
  2. BUCANEERS: The cult group was birthed by a member of pyrates confraternity in 1972. It had Bolaji Carew as its first head.
  3. SUPREME VIKINGS CONFRATERNITY: The cult group was birthed by former members of Buccaneers at the University of Port-Harcourt in 1982. They also have female members who they refer to as Bella. 
  4. AYE AXE-MEN: This cult group was formed by a group of young men in university of Benin in 1976. Their aim was to fight against oppression of students but today it has metamorphosed into something else. 
  5. CIAO-SONS:  This cult group was formed at the University of Ilorin but started operations with eight people in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. 
  6. EIYE CONFRATERNITY: This cult group was formed by seven students namely; Goke Adeniji, Tunde Aluko, Dele Nwakpele, Bayo Adenubi, Kayode Oke, Bode Fadase and Bode Showunmi at the University of Ibadan in 1963. The cult group's aim was to have a positive impact on their members' political, social, cultural and mental development but today it has metamorphosed into something else.
  7. KLANSMEN KONFRATANITY: This cult group was formed by five students at the University of Calabar in 1986 during the military era. It's members worship a demon known as 'Ogor'.
  Females are also not left out as they form their own groups in response to their male counterparts, they are also used as spies by their male counterparts, examples are:
  1. Black Bra Confraternity.
  2. Daughters of Jezebel.
  3. Black Beret.
  4. Woman Brassier. 


   In our article on how to pick schools before writing JAMB examination and after writing the JAMB examination, a factor we advised you to check on is the cult activities in the school and it's environs. Based on research, several universities have been highlighted as schools with high rates of cultism. 

1. UNIVERSITY OF BENIN: The university of Benin (UNIBEN) is commonly referred to as the most rugged school and it seems to be No 1 on everyone's list of schools with high rate of cultism. In UNIBEN you can find cult groups like the Aye-Axe men and colors they are mainly identified with: black and yellow. 

2. UNIVERSITY OF PORT-HARCOURT: University of Port-Harcourt is another tertiary institution with high rate of cultism. In UNIPORT, you can find cult groups like Supreme Vikings and the colors they are mainly identified with are: black and red. 

3. Delta State University (DELSU) 
4. Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY) 
5. Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma. 
6. Ladoke Akintola University 
7. Rivers State University 
8. University of Calabar: In Unical, you can find the Klans Confraternity. 
9. Lagos State University.
10. University of Ilorin. 


 Yes, there are several slangs and some are commonly used by everyone but surprisingly they are cult slangs or coded languages used by cultists. 
  1. In Jew: This is used to refer to a member of a cult group or confraternity. 
  2. Jew or 48: This is used to refer to a non-member of the confraternity.
  3. Sticker: This is used to refer to cutlass. 
  4. Ice Land: This refers to a place where non members are not allowed to enter. 
  5. Drive: This refers to collecting someone's belongings. 
  6. Norton: This refers to someone who is a non-member but he is a target (i.e they are wanting to make him a member). He is like a project at hand to them. 
  7. Overboard/O.V.B: The meaning of this slang is to kill someone. 
  8. HIT: This means the whole crew or part of the crew are going to ambush a place. 
  9. Talasa: to beat/hit someone till he/she bleeds. 
  10. Sink: To carry someone's belongings forcefully. 
  11. Obembe business: a meeting they share their monthly dues/allowances.
  12. Omila Squad: this refers to a gang of armed robbers. 
  13. Bella: This is a popular female name but in cult societies they use it to refer to their female members. 
  14. Wida you: means use your head. 
  15. Jetesin: to forget about something. 
  16. Moronto Mornica: tomorrow morning. 
  17. Ruff Sea: refers to conflict or crisis 
  18. Manover: to steal. 
  19. FEM: This is a popular slang that means shut up and also it is a song title by a popular musician but surprisingly it is a slang for the Aiye confraternity and they use it in greeting themselves. 
  20. Panama Jack: Big shoe
  21. Panama: a place where everyone lives freely. 
  22. B40: brother
  23. 411: what's up /whats going on? 
  24. Anchor: give me
  25. Janet: This is also a popular female name but in cult groups it rather used to refer to punishment. 
  26. Dodorima/Dodo: refers to praises given to a particular person based on something he/she did. 
  27. Korofo: a name of a god they worship. 
  28. Egede: used for greetings with the clash of forearms.
  29. Uhuru: Freedom
  30. Strongman: Name given at initiation. 
  31. Manover RBS: Stolen money 
  32. Safari: clothes
  33. Jonze: used to refer to when someone messes up. 
  34. Parambu: refers to police
  Though some of the slangs listed above are popular slangs, names, words used by everyone, but when you notice they are used in a strange way by a group of people, you're advised to move away from such area.  Also,  you should avoid using them in a strange way too. 

    ALSO: They have popular sayings like; who price must pay, even in the face of death, blood for blood, no laughing on board, let the devil that lead you guide you etc. 

CONCLUSION: Cultism is a menace in the society and authorities governing the society are ready to wage war against. It is almost impossible to leave a cult group until death and any member who attempts to leave is threatened with death. Shun cultism at all times, it is unprofitable.