As transitioning from primary school to high school, from high school to university has its changes, so does transitioning from the University to life after university has its changes. Life after university changes incredibly. Students face a lot of changes and challenges and some are not able to handle these challenges 

   What next after university is always a question in student's minds. Are they to search for jobs, further their studies or start a business? 

  Fresh graduates face a lot of challenges in the search for jobs. Some graduates who are able to get a job after school might not be able to keep it because they don't have much experience in that work field. Fresh graduates would actually believe that their years in the University would cover as experience for the jobs they are searching for but some employers or companies want more experience than just what graduates have been able to learn from school. Some who are able to get jobs too might not get what they want. They might not get their dream jobs or get jobs they have no interest in or the jobs they get might not be paying enough. Some graduates don't even get jobs immediately or find it hard to get jobs even years after graduating from the University. These set of graduates find it even harder to cope as they tend to be under pressures from parents, friends and even societal pressures. These people might even avoid family gatherings, reunions with their friends because of this reason. Now, it is fair to say getting into the labour market after university is hard. 

   Balancing their professional and personal life can also be challenging. Some works are time consuming and this can take a toll on their personal life if they are not so good in time management. Also, relationships in the professional level are also differs from relationships in one's personal life. Having to balance relating in these two different levels can also be challenging for fresh graduates. 

    As a graduate going into the business world or a graduate going on to be an entrepreneur in today's society might be challenging but to sail through, you have to be creative, different and industrious. You have to unleash your potentials.

   Fresh graduates might feel since they have been managing their money and expenses well in school, it would be the same way after school. But let's remember, the basic and main source of income for most students in school is pocket money from parents. After school, you are definitely going to be sourcing out for money yourself and you're charged with different responsibilities and expenses like paying of rent, feeding, tax etc. Managing your income after school would be totally different from managing your income in school. 

  Some fresh graduates might have to change their residential locations based on new jobs or furthering their education. It might be from Urban to suburban or suburban to urban or urban to rural. This matters a lot as they'd have to cope with expenses in their new area. The cost of housing, feeding and taxes might be different and can be difficult if it's on the high side. The way of living and the hustle and bustle of their new area might be different from where they are coming from and coping with it can be challenging too.

   Building relationships and contacts also matters a lot nowadays as taking the labour market might not based on what you know, skills you have, certificates you have but who you know. Building important contacts and relationships for businesses and getting jobs matters in accelerating ones career and future life. Spend time networking, it's a great investment you'd never regret and would always appreciate. 

   However, as a fresh graduate, life after school comes with different changes but it must be taken with optimism and good planning. Make the right decisions and choices in achieving your goals. 

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