you need to know about the Canadian student visa

Having to move to Canada isn`t as easy as said most especially if you aren`t moving there as an already admitted student or an employed labor. Discovering it`s not easy to get in, most of us especially the youths have resolved in identifying the hot cake visa which is the Canadian student`s visa. This visa is faster and more assured to be granted compared to other visa type.

     Today, I`d be taking you through every thing you need to know about the Canadian student visa. This article on migrating as student to school in Canada is going to be relevant to every student who wants to study in Canada or any aspiring Canadian migrant or the newbie who needs a detailed guide on how to migrate to Canada with the student visa type. Stick with me as we journey through this enlightening path together.

      First, what`s a Student visa?

STUDENT VISA: This visa belongs to student visa program and it is applicable to every student around the world intending to be students in Canada. When you want to apply for a student visa, it should be after you have received an acceptance letter from the Canadian university you applied for.


  • Study permission: 150 CAD$
  • Restoring student status: 350 CAD$; restoring your status costs 200CAD$ and a new work permit costs 150 CAD$

METHOD OF APPLICATION: There are three different ways you can apply for your student visa and they include:

  • Online application ( the visa section of official website of the Canadian government)
  • Special VAC (this method closed down for Nigeria in 2016)
  • Visa office center. 
   If you are applying online, you`d need; 

  • a scanner or camera for creating electronic copies of documents you will be uploading 
  • valid debit or credit card for payment
  • an e-mail address which you`ll use in receiving and view messages sent by the visa office.
HOW TO APPLY: Make sure you`re eligible for temporary resident visa before applying

  • Read your application guide before you start filing your form. Know about the visa categories and the visa category applicable to you as if you a fill a wrong visa category, your application won`t be considered. 
  • Fill in necessary information your application form requires. If you are under the age of 18 years you should have your application by parent or guardian.
  • Pay your application fees. 
     When applying a student visa, you`d also need to prove that you`ll be able to fund your tuition fees and cost of living during your stay there. You can prove your ability to fund with the following;

  • your Canadian bank account showing the money you have transferred  
  • guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) from a Canadian bank   
  • proof of a student or educational loan  from a bank
  • bank statement for the past four months
  • a bank draft that can be converted to Canadian dollars
  • proof you have paid for your tuition and accommodation 
  • a letter/school giving you money
  • proof of funding from within Canada (if you have scholarship or in a Canadian funded educational program).   

University/College application fees: 100-500 CAD$  
NOTE: This fee is the one you pay to the school you want to attend and it is non-refundable whether you are admitted or not,
Biometrics: 85 CAD$
Language Testing: 300 CAD$
Medical Examination: 100 CAD$
Tuition Fees: This varies on the university you want to attend,

     We hope you find this information helpful when you start your processing into a Canadian University. And we hope to see you in a new dispensation, GOOD-LUCK!!!!

DISCLAIMER: This information is based on research.