Where do I get final year project materials from? 

Free final year project materials, how to download project materials, and where to get final year project topics are few amongst many questions on a final year students mind.

Students who are in their final year in the University or Polytechnics are always required to work on a project before the end of their degree and also defend it. 

Most students are always challenged with getting topics for their projects and also materials/solutions for their projects

Delay in getting topics and materials can lead to delay in submitting projects or even failing to submit at due time which means project failure. 

Yes, you can fail a project if you don't submit in due time. 

   In this article, we'd be listing out platforms where you can get project topics, ideas and materials/solutions.


1. Final Year Project (@https://www.finalyearproject.zyz):

Final year project (FYP) is a platform where you can get detailed project materials at best/low prices. You can project materials for as low as two thousand naira (#2500) only. Final year project also has a community (a facebook group) where you can reach out to them in case you have issues while editing or making corrections. 
Community (Facebook Group): @final year project 
Hotline: 07080741776

When you buy your project materials from us here at final year project (FYP) what do you get? 

  • In addition to getting your materials from us, we give you a community of fellow final year students and attend to your corrections on our community. We also give you journals as part of your two thousand five hundred naira (#2500). You don't have to pay extra for this. 
  • You can earn with us as an ambassador!! If you want to opt in for this, kindly chat us up on whatsapp 07080741776 and we'd set you up to earn four hundred naira (#400) per project purchase from your campus. 

How long does it take to get your project topics,  materials and support?  

  In a minimum of 24 hours and maximum of 72 hours depending on the demand for the period. 

Did you notice our platform is a platform where you get extras for your money?  As a final year student, here should be your plug and a reference plug from you to your colleagues.

4. Project topics.org @ https://www.projectmaterials.com

5. Uniproject materials @ https://uniprojectmaterials.com

6. My Project @ https://www.myproject.ng

7. Modish Project @ https://www.modishproject.com

8. CODE MINT @ https://codemint.net

9. Project clue @ https://www.projectclue.com

10. Project Store @ https://liveprojectstrore.com

11. Elite Project @ https://eliteproject.com.ng

  We hope you can find materials and solutions for your projects from platforms  listed above. Good luck in writing your project and your project defense. 

Remember, you can always reach out to us via our community on Facebook and via our hotline: 07080741776. 

Do you have anyone preparing for jamb or who is looking to get into polytechnic in Nigeria, you can recommend them to read:

NOTE: writing your project as a final year student and also taking classes plus preparing for final exams and defense can be as draining as anything else, so, find your yourself three to four easy topics to present to your supervisor, so when you kick off, you'd be okay with what you get as an approved topic.